Jun Red NIC - The Mimi-Registry and DNS system of jhTLD

Jun Red NIC is the mini private TLD(Top-level domain) and registry of JH.W(Harold, Bean, ARB, undefined) which is also severing for his perfectly paired domains: Red Nest(TM) and Ax Dragon(TM).
Jun.Red 注册局 是 JH.W 的私人专用迷你二级顶级域名(jhTLD,类似com.cn/cn.com)系统和 DNS 系统, 有魔改的nic系统和whois系统,同时是他双龙珠域名的NIC子系统 红巢(nest.red)斧龙(dragon.ax)

Descendants: wu.jun.redme.jun.redhome.jun.reddragon.jun.rednut.jun.redbean.jun.rednest.reddragon.ax | Object-NIC: nic.jun.rednic.nest.rednic.dragon.ax

7 Layers Services(7层全链路云服务): IDC::nutgit.com,  Cloud::nutsky.com,  CDN::cdn.nutgit.com,  DNS::ns1.nutgit.com,  NIC::nic.jun.red

Business Contact(商业合作联系): JH.W (伍先生) | Email: wu#jun.red, bean#xbean.net.
Copyright(C) Bean Private Digital Assets Proprietary. | Hong is Red, Red is Hong

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